Analyze your product

Discover why people behave how they do

See how the adoption and engagement of your product will do before you develop anything

Identify all the actions expected from your product users, the obvious and the covert ones. Identify any prior actions that are needed for the interaction to take place. Get a score for each behavior that can quickly help you identify what the weak and strong points are.

Evaluate the complexity of your product

Learn how complex it would be to turn your product into the best version of itself. Get actionable feedback on what things can be easily changed and which would require a serious overhauling.

Get a fine-grained score for each behavior your users are supposed to exhibit towards your product.

Benchmark your product possibilities with a single score to understand where you stand in terms of user adoption and retention, and how much you can improve.


Get a clear picture of what we are talking about.


Every product expects behaviors from its users, why wouldn't you put behavior change in the center of the design and production process?

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