What is Behavioral Design?

How can I use it on my business?

Behavioral Design is the application of Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience findings to the Design of Products.

Having experience in cognitive science it's surely an advantage when it comes to designing your first product. If you have a framework to work on behavior change you will consciously focus on the behaviors your product ought to create on the users. It helps, but just as knowing math helps you to design a bicycle. Having a strong foundation on behavioral sciences will help you identify the issues to solve and devise strategies.

At Ingenious we have been developing products, researching, and creating design techniques since 2010. And we know how hard is to learn this thing, so today we want to share some with you:

The Behavioral Channel


A Youtube channel where you can explore concepts and applications of Behavioral Design. If you have a product and want to optimize adoption and retention, you are thinking of creating something new, or want to learn about the field, this channel is for you! New clips every week!



A list of over 50 cognitive biases we use to design products. Each one of them a card in our Behavioral Cards deck.

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