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pill tracking

The game is part of a research project carried out by the University of Colorado ACCORDS mHealth & Informatics Core. A team led by Susan Moore Phd, Bethany Kwan Phd, Joy Waughtal and Pooja Mehta Phd. set sail to find a way to reduce a need for a new liver transplant for liver transplantees.

Young liver transplantees who usually don’t remember their interventions are dependent on their parents to keep their medicine schedule on track. Researchers theorize that when these youngsters become independent from their parents they start to forget to take their pills, which could explain the increase in hospitalizations.

MedVenture is a survival game for cell phones where you help a castaway survive a chaotic journey while keeping your pill taking on track. The game and the study targets liver transplantees between 16 and 25 years of age from diverse backgrounds.

Based on a series of insights and proven strategies, Ingenious worked with the team of researchers to design an experience that incorporated every aspect into a single unified experience that the patients can use to learn how to keep up with their meds schedule.

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