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When somebody struggles to find a life partner in the Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch community, they reach a matchmaker. Matchmakers are part of a millennial tradition in Judaism, and it has remained a way to help singles find somebody to marry. Using their connections and meeting lots of other singles, they find goods matches that share the same vision of the world and propose two strangers to meet and start dating.

How do you digitize a millenary matchmaking process?

We set to create a digital system that enhanced the chances of a single to find the right person to spend their life together. JSwipe and Tinder might sound like obvious comparisons, but: "This is not a dating app. It's a marriage app." Although physical attraction is important, It's not about how to better find someone you think is hot, but somehow find a person that shares your views and will fit well with you in all aspects of your life.

Luckily, Yale's professor Michael Ben-Avie worked on this problem and has developed an algorithm that helps identify matching personalities and life views. The original plan was to use this algorithm to find the two most similar singles and help them connect and know each other.

We proposed to keep matchmakers as part of the process and use the algorithm to optimize the poll of singles they meet. In this way, matchmakers would only talk with singles that make sense together (on paper) and use their intuition to build the best matches. They can interview bachelors and get them to know them the way they use to in the analog system, but they will only meet similar and matching profiles this time.

Your undivided attention.

Singles can only speak publicly with other singles unless the matchmaker has selected a date for them. Just one date is active at a time, so each potential match gets all the attention. The matchmaker will ask about how the dates and coach the singles. If the couple is not working, she can undo it and create new matches for them.

Matchmakers are better together.

In the old system, matchmakers create their ways to work, each one devising systems and notations, working by themselves to bring couples together. Meet at Chabad allows them to contact each other, ask for advice, share notes and even propose matches between groups!

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From Tinder to a "Marriage app," our process helped meet at Chabad understand their strengths and needs to create a unique product that will get people married.

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