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The CHOICES model was designed for face-to-face administration by trained staff in clinical or community settings. However, scarce AIAN(American Indians or Alaskan Natives) community resources often preclude the delivery of even brief preventive interventions. Alternatively, mHealth interventions are proving expeditious in delivering behavioral change to those facing barriers to access.

This is why a team of researchers of CAIANH (Colorado School of Public Health) led by Carol Kaufman, Ph.D Michelle Sarche, Ph.D. and Umit Shrestha, Ph.D. have set to the task of  develop a technological adaptation of an Alcohol exposed pregnancy preventive intervention for use with American Indian and Alaska Native young women. WYSE is an app that aids the delivery of information and questionnaires to the target population while recording the data in an anonymous and secure manner. 

Creating a flexible platform for evolving content.

Project content and the development of the application was meant to run in parallel, so it was crucial that the product design of the solution was not dependent on the content it would contain. This meant the creation of a backend where researchers could create and edit the screens that would be shown to the users. This tool also incorporated conditional branching logic that affected what screens are seen by users, depending on past questions, the terms recognized using AI models on text fields inputted by the users and which one of the experiment arms the user has been selected to (control or experimental). The degree of flexibility of the resulting platform allowed for the new content to be incorporated into the app with little to no modification.

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