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change behavior

To take the lead on Behavioral design and create new methodologies to craft products means to be involved in the advancement of the fields that supports it. For this reason, we have been in touch with academia since our origins, and we even have partnered with researchers to create our own research. 

During these collaborations we found out that often researchers needed to translate models of behavioral change from theory into a product, and we have a knack for understanding their needs. Since then, we have been aiding in the development of products and prototypes designed to assist the  executions of research grants in several institutions of relevance.

Cornell University

Planning Advance Care Together (PACT)

University of Colorado

How do you digitize a method to prevent alcohol exposed pregnancies?

MedVenture - a game to change behavior

Inter American development Bank (IADB - BID)

A process to carry out research for the adoption of a new HPV test

Coronavirus relief aid - BID Washington/Colombia

Denver Health

How to influence on physicians opioids prescriptions?

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

Doula in my pocket.

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