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Denver Health is one of the most important medical centers in the United States.Thousands of people flock annually waiting for the most appropriate solutions to recover their health and live better. But every medical treatment is a human decision and can be inaccurate, so Denver Health had to innovate.

How to push medical staff to address change and ensure the quality of life of Denver Health patients?

Although doctors know a lot about medicine, they are humans and can not remember everything. Many times that leads to misdiagnosis. That's why they joined ingenious and designed an Official Guide in Denver that accompanies them step by step in diagnosis so that it is accurate and nurtured by the best practices of all doctors, providing support, accuracy and information to ensure the quality of life of their patients.

Denver Health also opened the tool to the whole population, giving back to the community the work we do for other clinics or private users to use and nurture the knowledge collected by Denver Health staff.

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