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Design products

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The problem

Low income and marginalized communities are at risk for pregnancy, birth, and recovery complications — including death.  Doulas help prevent that. But they are not accessible for everyone.

The solution

Doula in My Pocket was created to meet the need for access to high quality care, and to bridge the communication gap with healthcare providers. Women of color and other minority communities may experience stressful pregnancies as they navigate a complex journey in health services where structural racism still prevails.

We joined a team of experts, with exceptional Doula experience to provide families with easy to follow information and advice, coupled with tips to enter conversations with their health care providers with confidence and knowledge.

But that’s not all of it. We also decided to go under the skin of those women when we designed the app: so they can get the support, education and voice they need in order to reclaim their right to enjoy healthy pregnancies.

The result is an MVP that contains the essential features: it empowers the pregnant person, involves one or more companions, and provides scenarios to address doubts and concerns and practice positions and comfort techniques.

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