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The problem

Social workers in the child welfare sector deal with several challenges: a stressful job filled with heart breaking stories, coordination with several parties and organisms, field work away from the children they strive to generate a brighter future for, long hours that lead to job-family imbalance. They need much more than just a case managing system. They need a tool that helps them be efficient in their job while taking care of them.

The solution

So, we decided to create an App that ...

  • Delivers tons of (good) news
  • Organizes pending tasks.
  • Clearly organizes the cases
  • Makes it easy to create new documents if working out of the office. Users can dictate and the system will automatically find relevant data.
  • Manages the data in the backend, making it easy to find whatever the user needs in just a few clicks.
  • Is linked to a BI system
  • Provides traceability of the information, so no more lost data or missing information.

To see the science behind the scenes, take a look here.

The result is a tool that social workers and managers love!

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